Friday, October 11, 2013

Foreclosure starts plummet to six-year low

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Foreclosure starts plummet to six-year low

Foreclosure starts recorded during the 12-month period ending in July fell to an activity level not seen since 2007, Lender Processing Services said in its latest Mortgage Monitor report.

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Arizona: Low prices + sunshine

Affordable housing, balmy winters, love of nature, modern restaurants, diverse culture and over 300 sunny days a year are just a few reasons Arizona has Canadians flocking in droves to the high desert.

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5 Clever Closet Conversions

Want more living space without adding on? One of your closets may be just the extra square footage you’re looking for.

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Does a Pool Add Value to a Home?

Learn how a pool affects the value of your home, and get advice on construction and maintenance costs.

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Household Tips
You've always trusted Morton in your favorite recipes, but it can help you far beyond the dinner table. Explore below to see how salt can make your wine glasses glisten, your air aromatic, and even more.

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In an article from Oct. 30, 1892, "Customs From Halloween; An Observance That has Come From Pagan Times," The New York Times described "All Hallow Even or Halloween" as "undoubtedly a relic of pagan times."

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Great places for clean air

Feel free to breathe deep: In these 20 towns, the air quality is rated highly, and pollution levels are below the U.S. average.

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3 ways you're using Facebook wrong
If you're like most people, you visit Facebook a few times a day. You catch up on the latest gossip, "Like" cute baby or pet pictures, and maybe post something yourself.

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Phoenix housing market continues to blossom

Last week, two separate reports published by Arizona State University CoreLogicInc. showed the local housing market was returning to normal this summer, but issues such as negative equity still are lingering.

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Top 5 Myths About Home Buying Today

The fact is, buying a home today is absolutely, totally different from buying one in 2003. And right there is why so many myths swirl around a process that, in many ways, is utterly novel from what it has been. What was true isn't anymore.

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Mortgage rates dip as Fed holds stimulus steady
By Les Christie

Mortgage interest rates fell after the Federal Reserve said last week that it won't pare back its stimulus program.

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Metro Phoenix sees big decrease in vacant houses

In just three years, Phoenix has gone from having too many inexpensive, vacant houses to not having enough, according to The Arizona Republic.

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