Thursday, September 27, 2012

Distressed Property Report - September 2012

Distressed Property Report - September 2012

Gathering intelligence on Short Sales and Foreclosures is now easier with the
Distressed Property Report. This report contains three interactive maps: short sales,
foreclosures and a map of all distressed properties. Each map is a snapshot of the active
distressed property aggregated by ZIP Code.
The August 2012 Distressed Property Report can be found here.

There are no "from" and "to" dates on the Distressed Property Report because the data is
Active properties in the system on the day the report is published.
The "Percentage of Actives" shows what percentage of Active listings are distressed
in each ZIP Code. Each map is displayed below:

Clicking a dot on any map will display more information (example).
 Just like a Google Map, the maps below can be zoomed, panned and moved.
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Short Sales as of 09/27/2012:

Foreclosures as of 09/27/2012:

All Distressed Properties (Short Sales and Foreclosures) as of 09/27/2012:

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